2011-02-25 19:17:24 by superpokemonray

I quit.... i'll see when i come back, but that chance is 5%


2011-02-06 09:33:56 by superpokemonray

can some of you please listen my music! I have a goal here to get in the Top best tracks ever!

My friend 2Dpolygon (pokerockmario) has been there already TWICE! :(
with the track: Warning computer virus, and, Decisive..........

Look into Video game music! I'm on number 2! there can you also find me!
My song is: NC3D - R-11N

thanks for your attention :) !

New Song!

2010-03-27 04:15:08 by superpokemonray

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /321078


Malware virus!?

2010-03-20 04:57:06 by superpokemonray

You maybe know the song of pokerockmario. warning computer virus(2)!
I asked if I can make some sort of parody of that song! Prm: cool!
My song: Danger! Malware(-gen) Virus!
I gave it that name because I had a Win32 Malware Virus! but I have a new laptop AND FULLY SECURED!
And now am i working on this one!

NOTE: It sounds like warning computer virus but it is different of course!


2010-03-07 07:39:35 by superpokemonray

I'm busy with homework and animating but the music is going better. I already have posted 5 Music Submissions this year. and it is going to be better than the music I made last year!

My First Music Username!
NeoCrystal3D !

My (new) Music username......


2009-07-01 08:52:13 by superpokemonray

Some know that I don't have so much music but I was busy but now I have more time! I am also making my music much more better!
Also go to my latest Soundtrack, ''Beethoven moonlight mvt3 remix''!

Nintendo shorts

2009-02-05 17:58:19 by superpokemonray

Hello! My friend pokerockmario wants to make nintendo shorts and i decided to help him so if you want to join please tell us: this is the account of pokerockmario>http://www.pokerockmario .newgrounds.com/